Friday, May 30, 2008

when the eye starts twitching, it's time to throw in the pull-up

Yes, I have given up on potty training Baby C.

While I didn't want to, I desperately wanted to.

The motivational (or demotivational) moment came today when yet another mom (that I met at the beach) told me that she tried potty training her son when he was 2 and it just didn't work. And then she gave up, put him back in diapers and then when he turned 3, she tried again and he had success right away.
I think she and many other moms are right.

Bottom line: she's not ready.

She is the oak-of-fortitude and puts her father to shame.

No reward was great enough, no punishment severe enough.
Nothing, I repeat, absolutely nothing that anyone anywhere ever suggested to make a child use the potty worked for her.

So I will revisit this August 15th, one month before she turns two.

Until then, I can be spared...
...the crack o' dawn requests to sit on the potty after she had pooped in her pull up and shed it onto the carpet.
...scrubbing toddler scat off the carpet
...stressing out all day long!


ro said...

You poor thing! Yeah, just throw in the towel and go for it another time. They say kids are just ready when they are. You made me laugh with the oak of fortitude and putting Kevin to shame. haha. I'm with you, save yourself the headache and just let her keep doo-doo-ing in her pull-up.

Mom said...

Just think of the stories you'll embarass her with in her teen years! She's a smarty alright!! Good effort on your part-Hang in there!!