Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I didn't buy her Barbies!

They are Kelly's and they are small and anatomically plausible little girl dolls with gainful employment.

But I did alter their career paths just a bit.

I mean, teacher, cake-maker, and nurse? What is this? 1955?
Come on little Kellys, we can do more than that!
I left the firefighter mostly unchanged, but why not go for the top of the "ladder" if you will?
Yes, I really told Baby C that the girl with the smart red shoes is the engineer and the girl with the stethescope is a doctor.

A little accidental searching online led me to find out that my degree has it's own Barbie.

Yeah, I think the only thing that I have in common with her is the skinny legs and that fabulous sense of fashion...oh, and the two toddlers grabbing at my paintbrush.


Laura $ said...

you are so awesome! i love this.

Trina Merry said...


Devon said...

neurosurgeons sport quite the cute fashion these days.

ro said...

Great move for women! Toy companies should hire you to market/design their inventory. Keep your little girl's eyes on the prize :) Scout likes firetrucks and we read a book about them. I think we'll try to go visit one at Todd's station in the near future. I totally encourage the idea of being a fire chief :)