Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Baby Tuesday

Memorial weekend at a barbeque, with my two blonde children and balloons and volleyball. I felt very suburban American.

Baby C and Baby R played and played, and fell down and ate and fell down and ate, until they were filthy, full and tired.

Nerfy football thing. It was someone else's and it bought me about 30 minutes of peace.

Sunblock + head plant in the dirt = mud head.

Drool never takes a holiday.

Fast forward to today.
I finally drove up to Golden Gate park in San Francisco to their super playground.
I've been meaning to do it for, um, two years.
It was really great, and all the moms seemed to look like me.
I was a total golden-gate-mommy-poser.
The only bad thing about the playground was that it was SO big, that it was hard to keep track of two toddlers.
Scratch that, replace "hard" with "maddening."

Angela and Gloria were nice enough to join us for our romp in the city. Baby CB and Baby T blessedly stayed put. Baby R and Baby CB shared the sand/water pit.
And yes, the sweater in the water was a terrible idea.


Most wacked out moment of the day took place here at the concrete slides.
I was trying to rustle Baby R into clean, dry clothes and when I looked up, Baby C had vanished. Bolted, if you will.
Angela and Gloria watched Baby R while I combed the giant playground.
And after I had quietly started to totally panic, I found Baby C up at the top of the slides (can you see the hat? that's her) with NOTHING on her butt.
No pants, no pull up.
She had stripped off her clothes and was considering going down the concrete slide.
If she had, that would definitely been a story I would never let her, or her friends or boyfriends, forget.

Shortly after we re-dressed everyone, we strollered over to the Haight for lunch. It isn't the most stroller friendly (not to mention we had three strollers, and mine's a double!) area, so we got our pizza, bought some donuts for Baby R and Baby C and some nice homeless guys (who said they were Vegan, but ate the chocolate eclairs anyway), and strolled back to the park.

And fancy that, they had a carousel! This was our second ride, in which Baby R had warmed up to the idea of the big moving fiberglass horse.

Baby C got the zebra-- so chic! She absolutely positively adores carousels. I was worried she would totally lose it when we had to get off. But she kept her composure and we drove to get frozen yogurt and buy toys.
Yeah, it was like a mini Christmas. I don't know what came over me.


ro said...

Thanks for all the weekend and weekday details. I'm glad you are living up there in suburbia and city-a. It all looks fab-tastic. Wish we could have been there for the fun, but next time we make it out there we'll have to hit the GG park.

Trina Merry said...

That nerf football is Chaz's. I tried to get connect him with the quarterback at the CU Conference cuz I thought It'd be funny if he signed it...

The cement slide story is AWESOME!

Can you be a vegan and homeless on Haight? All these new things you learn when you get out...