Friday, May 09, 2008

I may be able to buy American

Dodge, I once lost all hope for you.

When you openly said "we design cars for men," I was irritated.
When you kept making cars with worse and worse gas milage, I thought you clearly didn't want to be my friend.

But you have made a peace offering.

The Dodge Journey

It's clear by the name you're trying to get my attention, it's all flower-in-your-hair, la-la, hug a tree journey. Good thing I'm a tree huggin', flower wearer.

It's got 3 rows.
It's a little over 20K.
It's 5 star safety rated.
It's 19/25 MPG.
And it's not a minivan.

I'm sold.

And seeing that we just had to pay a huge chunk of change to fix the Audi and the Honda keeps actin' squirrely-- I think I see a new car in my crystal ball...


Mama Bree said...

nice! I love the built in booster seat and floor "ice cooler" storage bins! :)

Jeremy and Kamie said...

We clearly like the same cars. I checked this car out - namely because Jer gets a company discount and I liked it. I ended up getting a 07 Subaru Tribeca and I LOVE IT! Very reasonable if you buy last years model

M.K.A.W. said...

We're looking at this car too. Looks perfect for hauling a couple of tots around and it's cute!

Sam said...

PLUS! There's that whole $2.99 gas incentive (if it's not a scam)...that's pretty nice too!