Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Baby Tuesday

Since this is about babies, I thought I'd link about my friend and her 20 mo daughter who just had brain surgery.

The situation is crazy, because since she was born they couldn't figure out why she couldn't keep food down. And [stupid Kaiser] thought it was acid reflux and just putzed around and finally when they went outside their insurance, and saw some specialists, after more than a year, she found out it was a tumor pressing on her brain stem(!).
Jenni's older daughter is friends with Kid C and her daughter Riley who is in recovery at the hospital right now is a little younger than Ransom. They are in my MOPS group.

So if you're the praying ilk, pray that she recovers smoothly and that the tumor doesn't creep back. It's non-cancerous as far as I know, but it's obviously not a good tumor.

In the meantime, we are back home in Sockswithsandalsland, but I haven't taken any photos since I got back. My days have gone back and forth between really motivated to clean and organize to doing very little that requires concentration or creativity and just schlepping through.

So all I have are leftover videos and pics from last week:

My mom and her friend came over to Aurora's right before bedtime when everyone was in their jammies, but no one wanted to sleep. 'Spontaneous jumping party broke out.

My mom never lets a dirty garment hit the basket. They immediately go in the wash! The kids were move than happy to strip off their clothes to participate.

Here is the play area at the Galleria, that you've seen before in past weeks. But here it is in motion. I still wish we had this thing here. For reference, the cousins are climbing on the hippo in the center, and Baby R is in the blue shirt on the right hand side on the "rocks."

Baby R rode that pony at the Dallas Zoo like nobody's business. Too bad he hadn't got his birthday cowboy boots from Auntie Dianne yet, or that would have completed it.

We met another mom on the plane right across the aisle from us on the flight back.
She was from Devonshire England and she had kids the same ages as ours, but both girls.
I think she was jealous of Baby R's strapped-down-ed-ness in his car seat.
Here they are watching a movie on my laptop, while we tried to watch one on Kevin's for Baby R, but then the flight attendant busted us for not having earbuds. Like anyone cared(!), the flight had like 12 other people on it, and they had gladly sat themselves away from the kid circus in the back.

Okay, these aren't babies, but I'm their baby, so it counts right?


Laura $ said...

cute! man, i am so bummed i missed you again. we must see and play. we must come together. pull it together, if you will.

Anonymous said...

Charlie - the boots were from Grandpa Phil! He'd been talking about getting cowboy boots for his favorite grandson for months! He was carrying on the tradition from grand-dad Blaylock -- who loved his boots!

ro said...

stupid ear bud rule! I didn't know that was rule! Boots from grandpa :) Too cute. Grandpa is stylin with grandma ;)