Friday, March 27, 2009

just don't sit down

I have noticed, especially since trying to keep my new "schedule" that if I sit down, all my momentum dies.
But if I don't sit down, I think I may have a heart-attack. After all, I have to sit at some point.

This morning I got up, did my [cardio] walk, took a shower and made the kids breakfast that would fit in their laps on the way to MOPS (it starts early). Then on the way home from MOPS I went to Trader Joes and picked up some groceries, everything was smooth and productive--
And then Kid C had a tantrum because I told her to get out of the car through *her* door and not the front passenger door.
I have no idea where she came up with the idea that she *should* get out any other way but out her door. But logic didn't matter, she melted down. So much so, that she's now in her room. And I thought I'd sit for a moment to collect my thoughts while she trips out--
and now I don't want to even get out of my chair to unload the groceries.

It's only 12:20, I might need some caffiene or something.


Sarah Meyer said...

do you know that i have this issue almost everyday with the little girl i watch, and it has been going on for years! "can i come out your door?" to which i saw no and sometimes i still get the tantrum or tears!!! i don't get it...

ro said...

I know what you mean...once you sit down there is the potential for it all to become overwhelming and painful.