Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Baby Tuesday

Yeah I forgot all about Baby Tuesday until Kevin called me to tell me he was coming home a few minutes ago and reminded me.

This morning I tried to be productive and clean stuff and then we took a really long drive around the central coast area. 'Slipped my mind.

Here is Baby R at the park on Saturday.
He was kinda sad and sluggish and I thought something must be up.
And when we get home I put him in bed and he didn't want to sleep, which I also thought was weird.
I finally got him out of bed and set him on my lap to see if he wanted something to eat and BARF!!!
And it continued that way for the rest of the day.
I had planned to go out with a friend, which I haven't done in months, but I couldn't leave him, so I didn't go.
He actually got better right before bedtime, but I had already called my friend and canceled, so I just worked on work projects instead. Hot Saturday night :/ .

I took this photo today. Someone (hippies probably) built some little wigwams at the beach out of driftwood and the kids busied themselves in the huts for over an hour. If it wasn't for Kid C's serious I-refuse-to-pee-in-a-toilet-with-automatic-flush psychosis, then we could have played longer.

We had plenty of time so I drove up Hwy 1 from Capitola to Half Moon Bay instead of just driving up 17 (the direct route). Everytime I do that, I love the drive until I get about 3/4 through and then I'm like "just get me home!" Kid C didn't nap at all, which foiled my plan of a peaceful drive along the coast with my music. Baby R slept, but she was such a loud-mouth that he didn't sleep very much (nostril flare).

There are still a bunch of places along Hwy 1 that are left unexplored (by me at least). I haven't seen the molting elephant seals at Ano Nuevo and there are all kinds of little hidden camps and farms and stuff like that along that stretch of road. I like that area so much that I really wanted to get married at a church in Davenport, but apparently we would have had to show that we were Catholic. So-- that--- didn't happen.
Moving on...

Kid C found a stash of little plastic barrettes and insisted I put them ALL in her hair at once. I negotiated her down to a little more than half of them, and this was the outcome.


Leigh said...

My 10 year old won't pee in a self flushing toilet. Ugh! I feel your pain.

ro said...

love the drive...wish i was there.

love the barrette jamboree...i think i've been there