Saturday, March 28, 2009

sam asked

5 dollar days on! I finally got some t shirts from them (because they are usually way more pricey, and I am too cheap to pay more). Kevin got two too (by way of my choosing them). Even though the two he actually wanted were sold out of his size. I wanted some that were sold out of my size too. Sad.

Kevin thought the walrus and the ice cream truck was dumb. But I like it! A giant walrus is blocking the road and the ice cream truck can't get by! It's funny. Oh, and as you see, I got it in orange. Because I am one of 17 people in America that will wear the color orange.
The Gossamer one and the headhunter one, they are more to just look pretty. And the walrus and the skyscraper ones I got because I liked the concept.

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ro said...

Charlie there are more than 17 african americans in America. They love to wear orange. You are just getting back to your North Texas roots. Let the north bay keep it real in navy blue fleece. You make a statement. And, when the statement is a walrus combined with an ice cream truck then the answer is always Y-E-S. I love t-shirts. Remember 7/22 and we'll all be happy. thank you. drive thru.