Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Baby Tuesday Vol I

I need to get the kids up really soon, but since (if you reference my weekly chart!) it's beach day, then I know it's possible that I may not have alot of time later.
Plus, I have a ton of photos this week.

Kevin plays soccer whenever and whereever. Even when he's on call. Because he's worked out a deal that if I come with him and hold his phone, I can flag him down when he gets a work call.
So that leaves me at a soccer field when 2 hours to kill with the kids.

The fountain was inevitable.

In fact, I had always secretly wanted to jump in the one of many eBay campus fountains.
But an adult can't just go jumping into corporate fountains.
But little kids can!
So after walking the perimeter of the soccer field, and angering ant hills, and pointing out birds and butterflies and drainage pipe accesses, I thought we'd hit the water.
It was fun...and then Ransom fell in, and he was mad and we had to vacate.
Him falling in was pretty funny because it was really shallow and he was just so mad about it.

Also, following the week chart, we had one on one Cricket sewing time. And here is what we made. A little quilt and matching pillow for her doll. She loves it, to my surprise and so does Ransom. He likes to situate the perfect placement of the 3 elements- doll, pillow and blanket and announce "nap" and then re-arrange and say "nap" and so on .

okay, later, gotta get ready for Capitola...


ro said...

you're a heck of a mom! keep up the good work.

Samantha P.M. said...

AWESOME! Stick to that plan...I love it! I wish I had mommy-Sam sewing time...maybe then I'd know how to at least hem my pants or reattach a button!