Wednesday, March 25, 2009

new years resolutions 3 months late

This is big for me.
I have always hated regular schedules and daytimers and planners, etc.

But this morning, I saw that I have gained 5 lbs. And I said "that's it, I'm gonna pull it together! No more!!!"

So I made myself a chart on what I'm going to do everyday-- and then I made a huge one that just pertained to the kids and their days' activities. Kid C helped me make it, and she did pretty good for most of it, cooperating-wise, and then at the end she lost it and had to go in her room to calm down for a while.

And here it is, the giant kid chart of M-F every week. It's hanging in our kitchen for all to see!

There are no times on it, just morning, naptime, afternoon and night. I cut out cheezy clip art images so the kids could look and see for themselves.

Let's all pray that I can stick to it. And more importantly, may I stick to my schedule for myself. It involves getting up at a regular time every morning and walking the dogs for an hour. I think that will cut my 5 lbs off and cut down on the disgruntled dog peeing in the house.

Now, all I have to do now is figure out the way weekends are going to work and meal preparation, and possibly when I'm going to take a there somewhere...

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devon industry said...

Wow, looks like a fun week! I'd love to pencil in 'beach' every wednesday :o)