Monday, November 05, 2007

Baby Tuesday

Happy Halloween edition of Baby Tuesday!

Here's my first [pitiful] attempt at melding videos together in iVideo.

The babies got two Halloweens instead of one this year.
I think Baby R could have done without both. To his dismay, no one was handing out pacifiers laced with baby Orajel or YoBaby's.
On Halloween Eve, an "adult day care center" had a little hallowen party, and invited kids from our church to come and well, entertain them.
Nice low key kick off to the festivities.
She wore the ladybug costume to coordinate with her bumblebee brother (who was strapped to my chest while she frolicked).

Early trick o treating for preschoolers in Willow Glen!
Let's get ready to rumble.
Note the two dog butts. Not pictured are their black and orange jingly jester collars.
What I didn't anticipate was a total toddler traffic jam due to the dogs' cuteness. I think some of the other parents were irritated at me.

I had the camera on the wrong setting when I took this (although it does capture the anxiety I was feeling during the whole baby + baby + dog + dog + stroller + 100 other preschoolers outing)
Anyway, the plumbing company had a big bathtub full of candy for the tots to sample from. Awesome.

Look how cute.
The children's bookstore gave out stickers instead of candy. What about books?
The hair salon gave out crayons, c'mon Hicklebees show some love!

After the bug got her black cat balloon, we sat and ate candy and watched other kids get balloon animals.

I tried to capture the light behind her as a fairy-halo. I don't think it worked.

I wish you could see the giant inflatable slide that we went down several minutes later. I still have the wound on my arm from rocketing down the slide due to my girth. Oh and my skirt flew up. Good times.

Man, I wish I had Photoshop on my new computer, because I would trim down that left arm of mine. Oh well, there it is.
What does it say about me that everything from my costume out of my closet except for the wings? I'm a loud dresser and I like wigs?

I, domestic engineer, forgot that Kevin would need a costume, ergo he had no costume. So he wore his soccer garb. He was certainly not the only man at our church's harvest fest dressed in his favorite sports uniform.
I'm the jumbo fairy counterpart to little Tinkerbell. Do you like her green furry bolero jacket? I sewed it the night before. We had to really talk it up to get her to wear it once it got chilly.

CANDY! Put it in the bag, people!


Devon said...

love c's green jacket!!

happy 1002nd posting to you...many more entertaining posts to come I'm sure!

Anonymous said...

I love the video with both of your precious insects looking sooo cute. Also I love the pic of you & C in costume. You did an excellent job of coordinating all!!!! Mom

ro said...

My fav is the family portrait. Yea! You guys are all so cute as a family unit.

Trina Merry said...

A SEXY Fairy...
Quick, clap your hands children and say "I do believe in fairies!"