Tuesday, November 13, 2007

welcome to the dollhouse

warning: cheezy mom post

I bought Baby C's big Christmas gift today: A dollhouse.

It's a modest, do it yourself-er so that's why I bought it so early. I didn't want to be painting the tiny shutters at 4AM on December 24th.
I just realized I didn't buy roof shingles...oh well. Who need's em? I'll figure out something else to use instead. Maybe I'll make it a "green" build and install solar panels, hahahaha.

I'm tempted to paint it the same color as our house is, inside and out...I guess I won't.

Any color scheme suggestions, from the peanut gallery?
The one that was already built in the store was seafoam and pink, and even that was cute so I guess it's pretty hard to make it look ugly.

Part of me thinks I should have bought this one, because I plan to buy those Calico Critters to occupy the new residence. But I wanted something modest, like a real house. And fill it with animals wearing clothes and walking on two legs which aren't like any real houses I've been to.

(Say no to rattan furniture, even if you're hamsters and you live in a tiny dollhouse)

I'll be honest, I always wanted a dollhouse. My Aunt Norma had a big victorian one in my cousin Malinda's old room, I guess it was Malinda's. And when I stayed in there I coveted it! I knew I wasn't supposed to touch it (or her Little Women Madame Alexander dolls) but I would get into it (and the dolls) when no one was looking.
My dad half-heartedly tried to make a dollhouse for me one time. But 6 wobbly wood-glued particle board planks, spray painted fuscia, does not a dollhouse make. It was akin to a bookshelf that got left in a paintball range.

My mom bought me a few Calico Critter toys when I was a kid and I adored them.
(I remember it bothering me that I didn't have any complete animal families, just various animals living together. There are so many conclusions to draw from that.)
Until I saw them in the window of the hobby store, I had no idea that they still made them or what they were called.

The hobby store has houses and critters out for kids to play with and she was all over them like white on rice. Good thing she's only two and didn't understand that I bought her gift right in front of her.

I'm so excited for her to open it!


Sam said...

I vote for the colors matching your house :)

Lacy: Who Needs a Hat To Sing? said...

Ooooh! My dad built me a doll house when I was a kid and I LOVED it. Did you ever see it?

And I had Calico Critters! They were way less creepy than the little people they sold at the dollhouse store. I had rabbits!

One year, I wrote on my Christmas list that I wanted gifts for my doll house family, and my mom actually wrapped little tiny presents and left them under the tree in the doll house.

Anonymous said...

I wanted a doll house as a kid as well...my mom bought me a big fancy victorian one - that I had to put together myself. It was brutal and then one day my mom put it out on the porch and it got rained on. I have issues over that. Get crazy with the colors!


ro said...

How funny you did this post because Scott's mom is buying Scout a dollhouse for Christmas. I didn't even know what one was really when he told me. I was like, "the one with Barbie in it?" And Scott said, "I'm not sure." hahah...I'm thinking this is what it is all about.

Tracy (Sam's friend) said...

You could always use Popsicle sticks as the shingles... a suggestion?