Friday, November 16, 2007

it's a __ __ in your neighborhood

UPDATE: I just gave blood and Trina's crew filmed me, thinking it was the first time I'd donated blood. Then halfway through filming, they found out it wasn't my first time. Oh well. Me and my bad morning hair will be in the film anyway.

Since tomorrow is our organization, Beautiful Day's Beautiful Day, I think it's timely to explain what we're doing this year in the San Jose area(biggest year yet, as always):
(If you click that link, you can watch a video of what we did last year, and those two women crying at the end, I was there for that. I was crying too.)

Thanksgiving deliveries:
This is the one that our small group is doing (7 families) and Kevin and I have one family of 6.
Our family's phone line was cut off so I'm still waiting to hear from her, after I sent her a letter.
If I don't get a phone call, I'll just drop a standard meal for 6 to them.

Carts for Compassion:
Apparently the City of San Jose's answer to the shopping cart theft problem/homeless population, is buying their own shopping carts to give to the homeless. I'm astonished still, but I think it's so cool. So we're bolting them together (I guess they come in pieces) and filling them with blankets, food related items, coats, etc.

Traveling Coats:
Everybody drops off a coat they don't wear anymore to participating dry cleaners and pays a cut rate to have it dry cleaned. Then our people come and pick them up and distribute them to the homeless. I gave my extra coat last year, maybe next year I'll have one that I don't like

The Living Well:
We did the AIDS walk and we bring the AIDS/HIV center them cookies year round. Last year we slightly remodeled their rec' room. This year we totally overhauled their "Food Pantry" which gives food to people with HIV and AIDS in Santa Clara County. My big contribution? I picked the new paint, chairs and carpet (armchair warrior).

Blood Drive:
Self explanatory, my appointment is for 9:15 AM tomorrow. :)
(I haven't given blood in about 5 years because I went to West Africa and had two babies, not at the same time!)

Elementary Clean Up and Fair:
We are sending out hoards of people to run a carnival and to clean up the campuses at two local "underachieving" elementary schools in our area. During the year, we have a weekly group meeting with over 50% of the students to give support and help with homework.

Can for Compassion:
The 5th grade students at our church are collecting cans to buy a washer and drier for the (AIDS/HIV) Living Center. I don't know what they need to clean, but apparently they need 'em.
I usually just chuck my cans in the blue bins, but for the little 11 year olds, I've been baggin' them up and one of these days I'll remember to bring them in.

Better Homes:
This is what I helped with last year. Westgate only took on one house, while we passed the torch to other churches to take on houses of their own, that have been cited for blight by the City of San Jose, and whose residents are too desititute to help bring their properties back up to code. This year we have a lady with cancer and a chicken coop full of poop.

Single Women's Car Clinic and Spa:
Any single mother, widow or military wife in earshot came last wednesday to have their car's oil changed, detailed, while they got their hair and nails done, and I think they got massages too. Pretty sweet. I heard good things...and that we needed shampooing sinks, ha.

Women's Shelter stock up:
The local battered/homeless women's shelter is in need of kids books and other things that I can't remember at the moment.

Tons of other churches are doing their own events tomorrow all across the bay area.

So I'm excited for tomorrow, it's gonna be a great day, er beautiful day...

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