Monday, November 26, 2007

this is shameless

but I'm blogging a Christmas list.

or rather

a list of items that someone could buy for either christmas or my birthday, because I'm purposefully holding off on buying them until February.

1. Photoshop Elements 4 (or higher), used is fine
2. A scanner that's compatible to Mac OSX, used is fine.
UPDATE: Sam is giving me her scanner.
3. Black Prima Crocs, used is fine.

If you're like me, you ignore Christmas lists and buy whatever you please.

But I know there are many people who like lists, and get irritated with people that buy stuff for themselves in December.
So there it is.

As for Baby C, she has a brand new dollhouse that will be sitting under the tree in a month and is absolutely unfurnished. Bring on the furniture.


Sam said...

Ahem...number 2 is claimed...and one buy the bug the lil penguins for her dollhouse either...i'll hunt you down so help me!

Anonymous said...

where to begin? First, I am recovering from a really bad cold, thank you kiddoes...I love you dearly! and, you Charlie have the most style of any mavens out there! and you are too cute for words..and I am not biased either. C's dress is absolutely adorable, and so is R's jacket..couldn't see it that good...and that bountiful, Sandi

Anonymous said...

what size Croc?

Charlie said...

sorry Sandi about the cold!
I thought you'd be okay since Kevin didn't really get it.

in crocs, I'm size 10

ro said...

I'm claiming the Crocs. Don't buy or you will die. Yes, I do virtual threats.