Monday, November 19, 2007

Surviving the holidays and why no one comments anymore.

A few nights ago we were praying with Baby C before bed and Kevin prayed about "making it through the holidays" or something like that.

And it always makes me sad to hear the phrase "surviving Christmas" or any of it's cousins.

I know what he meant though.
I signed myself up to do lots of things for the next few months, like:

delivering a whole Thanksgiving meal for 6 to this incredibly nice family who needs it,
doing appetizers and baby-crowd-control on Thanksgiving at his parents house,
teaching art lessons at the AIDS/HIV center,
his company Christmas party,
driving to Sac-town with Baby C to see Aurora for a weekend,
building the dollhouse,
sending my overachiever Christmas cards,
making/buying/wrapping gifts that don't suck,

But even though it can, and probably will make me stressed to do all that, I don't want to see it all as something to endure.
He however, does have to endure me doing those things, so his prayer is justified.
Especially considering his assembly skill set is greater than mine and a fair bit of the dollhouse project will fall to him.

Our TV is broken and I don't listen to commercial radio much anymore, so I can't get too irritated at capitalism-christmas. As long as I don't look at all the silly junk mail, I'll be fine.

I plan on cutting out a few things:
We'll buy our itty bitty tree off a lot just like last year, instead of having the cut-your-tree , eco-creed-conflict experience.
Not making cookies. I make them really pretty and then no one gives a crap and I have to clean it all up.
I bought the cards this year, instead of making pop-up ones like I had planned. I will however be making the envelopes, because I'm weird.
Flying my friend out for my birthday instead of me flying to TX. Because nothing shaves years off your life like being trapped on an airplane with a baby.

As to why no one comments, I don't know, you tell me.
I know that people are still reading, the hit counter tells me so.
C'mon n' comment, that means you too Kevin.


Laura said...

i put you in my google reader, and now i'm lazy and don't go to the actual post to read, unless i'm given a directive like tonight. :)

pop up christmas cards? my are something else.

Sam said...

I comment.

Can I have a pop-up b-day card? :-D

ro said...

I'll comment to say that I love that you have such an awesome Christmas spirit. I don't see holidays to be endured either. I'm thankful that you make/buy/creatively wrap great gifts. I think you are weird for making envelopes, but that is neither here nor there. Weird is the way to be for sure. Hahaha...Kevin has to endure your adventurous ideas and antics, just like Scott has to endure my nuttiness. It is what they signed up for. Well...enjoy the journey to the finish line on the 25th.

Trina Merry said...

Sadly, I'm with Kevin at this post-Thanksgiving juncture.
I'd remember really liking Christmas last year and I think it was b/c:
*I saw and talked to my fam enough during the year that they didn't need to put up their dukes w their annual meany Christmas call.
*I get all freaked out about the christmas card thing b/c I really like getting physical cards or letters in the mail. But i get pissed off when I haven't talked to someone all year and get the "sum it up" letter. SO, i just started handwriting letters all the time and then it was fun and less stressful to write the christmas ones- i just needed to catch people up on the month! I haven't done that since I moved here though...
*I made all my presents. That was the best thing I did. Nothing puts me in a bad mood faster than traffic, followed the 1/2 hr. parking space search, followed by the claustrophobia, grabby, christmas music re-run shopping.

I inevitably make a bajillion lists to keep present ideas straight... this year i should make a rule- if it's not funny or created in my garage, it's OUT!

oh, and i think a doll house sounds cool, but intimidating... Rempel could do it. =)

This is by far the longest comment I have ever left on a blog...
That means love.

sister celtic said...

yeah I'll comment, where are my comments dear neice... Baby are is so handsome all gussied up and C is such a little glam queen cutie pututi...I'm blogging the Alcan Pics now so comon over and let me know you peek occasionally...We love your incrediable God Given gift of making your own jazz I always did and had nothing like photoshop which still don't have or any high tech stuff to use. We are enjoying cooking and have had alot of deaths in the past 2 months that we are very thankful for all. I sent my holiday cards out I think in Sept.. as an ex-mail carrier gotta do it my way same as yourself. Keep your blog going it's one of the only ones I go to.