Saturday, December 13, 2008

7 Random Things?

I've been tagged by Devon, who was tagged by Laura, to do a blog meme.

If this was a chain mail meme, I would be obligated to send Laura, who I don't know, a dishtowel or a kids book.

I'm simply supposed to report 7 Random Things, but really I feel that the opposite would be a challenge. "Charlie, we need you to blog purposefully and you're also going to need to focus and follow an outline."
Now, that would be somethin'.

Random fact #1:
I'm incredibly picky when it comes to underwear.
And no, don't avert your eyes, it's a general and simple observation I've made lately: what I look for, does not exist in the average store.
And, SIGH!, I am going to have to break down and shop at the dreaded Victoria's Secret.
I feel like "Victoria" condescends me. Like, I want there to be a section of the store that doesn't have pink upholstered walls that has a sign that reads "Women of Character" "He Loves Me for My Mind."
Is that elitist?

Random fact #2:
I don't playground well with others.
Yes, it's true. My inner aggression problem, that I manage to stifle in other areas of my life, surfaces between the toddler swings and the spiral slide.
Nothing makes me want to slap someone in the face like injustice to my kids.
Be it a little kid who pushes Baby R over, or a grandma who is stingy with her kids' sand toys, it makes my blood boil.
It's the kind of thing that makes me want to call someone on my cell phone and say really loudly "you would not believe what just happened!!"
But no one wants that call, so I just stew.
Stew stew stew, glare glare glare.
I want to make a sign and post it at the playgrounds I frequent:

There, I feel better.

Random Fact #3: I don't know what you use to shave your legs, people, but I find conditioner is the perfect product.

Random Fact #4: There are big big red stripes painted on my living room carpet right now, and it was not intentional.
I did a painting the other night.
It was the biggest thing I have ever painted, that wasn't architecturally part n' partial to a building. It was a 9 ft x 9 ft beast, and it's hanging in the sactuary at WG right now. I wouldn't call it art, it's more of a big honkin' banner.
I like to make stuff near the TV or the computer and I also like heat, so I don't like working in the garage like I should. So I moved the furniture, and put the canvas on the floor. And painted the thing until 5:30 am.
Luckily the couch covers the majority of the stripes, and we don't have a landlord...and the carpet is pretty ghetto anyway.

Random Fact #5. I do not, under any circumstances, use the word "hubby." Be advised.

Random Fact #6. I am considering buying one of those big inflatable holiday lawn decor things.
It wasn't until I had kids that I truly understood why people decorated their houses so much for Christmas. My kids get so excited about certain neighbor's houses, I feel compelled to not only get the kids excited about our own house, but to add to the community fun.
Baby R saw not only a Santa Airplane in Lucky's the other day, but also a Santa Helicopter. And he totally tripped out-- first in a good way, when he saw them, and second, in a tantrum way, when we had to leave the store.

Random Fact #7. Right now, it's midnight and Kevin is watching the Spanish broadcast of Tottenham vs. Manchester United on TV while he waits for me to finish this blog. I told him I was only cleaning out my email, so I need to get off the computer mas pronto!


ro said...

1)playground sign is awesome.
2)i just said to scott yesterday as we passed a house with 3 huge inflatable santas, christmas-y tiger, and such; "that stuff is horrible tacky BUT THE KIDS LOVE IT." I understand it now too.

Sam said...

Dude...I would just like to volunteer to be a recipient of **that call**. You know I love helping people vent!