Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Baby Tuesday

We did a Christmas card photo shoot on Saturday. It was so much harder than I thought it would be. I'm saving the best ones for my e-card, but I'll show you all the others that didn't make the final #1 cut.

"How you like me now?! Holla! Where you at, preschoola's?!"

She was trying for Sears portrait studio kind of pose, unfortunately, he wanted nothing to do with a portrait pose hug.

Nothing like a reflecting pool and a fake silk suit to make things classy.

This guy right here, I tell ya.
That's actually a halloween costume I got on clearance in November.
It's supposed to be a business man, and it came with a watch, a moneyclip and a briefcase.

It's not snow, but those globey things are kinda festive right?

This is one of many many many in which one kid would smile and one would look the other way. It was maddening! They were happy though.


Shmoopy too.

"Hey is that a puppy?"

Yes it was a puppy. Thank sweet merciful heavens, a puppy.
Without that puppy we would have never got the really good shots I'm saving for the card.
I asked them to bring the labradoodle puppy over and finally I got double smiles.

Totally my daughter.

They began to tire of my photo shoot here.
But I liked this shot anyway.

Kinda Macy's catalog, dontcha think?

And in closing, it's good to have a chemist as a grandfather.
He brings home dry ice for your water table and fun ensues.


Anonymous said...

oh yeah! little rocker you have there! what great pics priceless!!!

auntie Sandi

ro said...

You are so genius! The fake halloween business suit??! LOL. Awesome pictures! I can't wait to get my official e-version. Yeah, I feel your pain on the shooting trouble. You saw mine...

pkillur said...

Your kids are ridiculously cute. I like the picture of Little R pointing. The first thing that popped into my head was "Ballin.. Shot callin", but hey that's me.

We should take christmas pictures... good call.

Devon said...

Where did you take all these pics - what building is that? SF? They are all so stinkin' cute :o) Of course!

BTW, I've tagged you! see my blog for the info: www.devonindustry.blogspot.com

devon :o)

Mom said...

Your pics are just too darn cute even if they ARE my grandkids!! Love Cricket's outfit and Ransom is definitely handsome. I really need to get my hands on those two now that I've seen how much they've grown!