Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Baby Tuesday


It's Christmas...Its Spring? We got headbands here.

This was the first time any of us made a gingerbread house.
We needed a kit.

Finished product. It lasted about 5 minutes before Baby R dug in.
And then there was bathtime. Frosting everywhere.

Here are helicopters on TWO laptop screens.
I brought it on myself.
He loves this video more than anything.
We watch it pretty much everyday.
And I thought he would really love Top Ten Helicopters.
So I bought it on iTunes for him.
He watched it for a little bit when I took this photo but then after that all he wants to watch that Red Bull helicopter video over and over...and over...

The tree is like 90% complete. Look it has lights!
Thanks to the dollar store MOPS door prize I got these "Bridal Lights."
They are like itty bitty teeny weeny white lights.
I hung the branches and drilled holes to poke them through.
See video below for bridal light action!

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Laura $ said...

so, you're telling me you built a tree...indoors. WOW! now i want one! can you send me the details? that's SO NEAT! merry christmas, t's!!!