Monday, December 22, 2008

you're not special

Realtors have a false sense of grandeur.

Realtors and lawyers are always putting their face on advertisements.
But realtors are so much worse about it.

I get something from a realtor pretty much everyday in the mail. They are spending thousands of dollars pretending that I care about what they do.

I totally don't.

I just got a magnet 2009 calendar with this guy Vinicius on it and it was tacky and probably expensive to make and send.
Please! Stop the madness.

They are all going to go broke, no one's buying houses right now, and they keep sending junk mail all over the place.

Tacky expensive junk mail.

I can't roll my eyes enough about it.


pkillur said...

Food for thought though - you will probably not forget your friend Vinicius for a really long time right? Funky name, tacky crap in the mail.

I won't forget Bill Thomas who constantly peppered my house (rental house no less) with drive by drop off crap. Or my currently used realtor Tom McHenry. The stuff they send can be annoying but it's what gets their message out...

Charlie said...

That would be true if people were buying. But there are too many realtors and no one's selling. The gravy train has left the South Bay for the time being.