Monday, December 08, 2008

the promotional card that won't die

Just when I think I've learned enough lessons in the world of print design, another project gives me an ulcer.

This is the 5th draft of this postcard.
We had to abandon hope for the first design because of price issues.

And now I have this one, which I'm happy with.
But! It's insane how expensive and complicated it is to send them to the homes around the church, direct mailing style.


This is the front of the postcard.

This is the back.

I have this fear that it will never get printed and delivered and this will be the only place that anyone ever sees it.


Sam said...

What's so complicated about printing postcards and mailing them? I don't get't you get to use cheaper postage for post cards?

Devon said...

super awesome postcard - love it

ro said...

if a tree falls in the forest? no?