Sunday, December 07, 2008

my grandfather's funeral

I made a video this weekend of it.


sister celtic said...

I can't see through the tears to write I'm speachless as well.. May I please have a copy sent to me on c.d. I would appreciate it...It could not have been more lovely or perfect thanks so much for your fantasic gift of love and for doing this... I'll go have a good cry and please send us the C.D. as well as the link ig possible..Your Aunt Anne

patricia said...

thank you charlsa, your presence there meant alot to your mom and me and the cherry on the sunday is your video. jack just texted me and he was very moved love you Tricia

Anonymous said...


You did such a beautiful job that really showed what a perfect way this was to say good-bye to Bob. He would have been so pleased... I know he was so proud of all of you.

Love you,
Aunt Dianne

ro said...

You're good.