Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Baby Tuesday

Look at this guy. And try not to look at me, I cropped out as much as I could.

Baby R and his Gramps, his great-grandfather. We all love Gramps.

C-c-c crazy Kid C and incredulous Kevin.

Baby R and Grandpa Jim, chillin' n' waitin' for food.

Kid C loves Kevin's cousins. They're way fun than Mommy for sure.

Kid C was riveted by the Nutcracker Ballet.
She would have sat there all night.
This is why I *needed* to sign her up for ballet class this morning.
Mission critical.

Here's Baby E, their cousin. She's very mellow.
Falls alseep on laps, I mean, that's amazing.

Grandma Sue sewed Kid C a fancy apron for Christmas. Tres chic!

Like ships in the night Baby E and Baby R crossed paths. Rarely repeated.

Kevin's Aunt Gale bought this princess dress for Kid C.
She really really really loved it. Way more than I would have guessed.
Note Mojito in his holiday elf getup.

I was pretty proud of the success of my gifts to the kids. The Mega Bloks train and car set was a hit for both C and R.

"DOOHHH!" Translation: "Mommy, fix the car I just took apart!"

My mom originally had bought this for another kid's gift but I told her that my kids love Twinkle Twinkle Little Star more than cookies and kool-aid combined. So she let me give it to them from her. And yes, he pressed the little song button on this book about 30 times in a row.

Blankets, blankets for all!
I sewed Kevin's blanket out of old T-shirts he had.
(That Jawbreaker one you see in the photo is the one he was wearing the day we first met)
And Kid C got her new bedspread from GiGi and although Baby R got a fancy new blanket from GiGi as well, no blanket can replace his Blankie (which he calls his VahVah).

Mom, you think she likes it? ;)

Now the day after Christmas, I thought it would be a great idea to take Kid C to see Bolt in the theater.
Here she is all ready for her first movie, and it was 3D so they gave us glasses.
15 minutes into the movie, I had to take her home. She was totally freaked.
Full on tears and red face of fear. Too many loud scary bad guys.
Next time, we'll go with something without conflict, like Care Bears or something.

So then on Sunday we went to the SF Zoo.
I took a photo of her with this darn map, because SHE WAS OBSESSED with the MAP!
There were animals like right up in her face, but instead she wanted to find the animals on the map. She wouldn't even look up. I kept calling her the "old lady."

Penguins! They live in government housing I guess.

She got out of the stroller for the rhino.

Flamingos not pictured.

Baby R is sporting his new Stanford hoodie from Gramps.
Here's hopin for a scholarship!

And lastly, Baby R loves Olive the cat.
I guess I'm glad I didn't accidentally hit her with the car when she was peeing all over the house a while back.
He now likes to pick her up and carry her around. Which if I didn't see it for myself I would think it would end up in cat scratches, but for some reason she puts up with it. And we crack up at it, so he's just gonna keep doing it. This taping isn't the best, but you get the idea.


ro said...

I love the picture of C in the movie theater! I think it will be quite nice when we can all go freely to the movies. Great overall pictures of your holiday season. Love the blogging.

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful Christmas present you gave us...it all was perfect, down to Olive, the cat!
Love you all
Aunt Sandi