Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Baby Tuesday

Okay, I gotta make this snappy.
I got Baby R crying in his room and Kid C with a stinky poop pull up, but if I don't blog this now, who knows when it'll get done!

Here we are at Bethlehem in Sockswithsandalsland.
Yes, step right up, real camels folks! Real camels! Big and small!

Baby R's first open flame.
I think this was more significant to him than his first steps.
He was mystified.

Not just camels, goats too!
Hebrew goats!

I finally broke down and paid real money for a new coat for Kid C. I think it ended up being like 25 bucks from Marshalls, but it did come with that hat. And it's warm. I guess it was worth it.

The trained the pygmy goats to bleat: "A kiiiing haaaas beeeeen borrrrrn!"
Okay, they didn't.

Oh how I wanted to just put them in the pen with the llamas.
The uh, ancient Mesopotamian llamas.

Hoisting at another livestock pen.

Christmas in the Park!
It has cold corn dogs, tepid cocoa, and a carousel.
We partook of all three.

Baby R wasn't happy about riding double-saddle.
But we made it work.


Okay, this was from a few weeks ago. It's your truly with the tree cutting crew....

Okay Kid C is running wild in the house right now, I have to go intervene!...

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