Wednesday, December 17, 2008

this is why

To all those people without kids that don't understand why I can't do stuff:


To all of those who wanted to know why I'm not bringing my kids with me on my TX trip:

That was only 13 seconds.

Imagine that for an entire car ride (which happens 3 out of 4 car rides), or even worse a two-legged plane ride.

That's why.


Mama Bree said...

ah yes, I only have one but I totally know it.

add: reasons why I can no longer take con calls on the road!! ;-)

Sam said...

As someone who has been present for a few of those car rides...I COMPLETELY understand why you're not bringing the crazy with only 1 adult to supervise.

Joanne said...

what sort of scares me is that you are driving and video taping at the same time.