Monday, December 29, 2008

like a status update for a longer attention span

-I think I have a cold.
But these next two days were supposed to be chocked full of cleaning and making things, and I really don't want to do any of that now. I want to sit here under the blanket I made Kevin for Christmas and sleep on the couch. Isn't that what working people get to do when they're sick? Sleep?

-The kids are in bed napping. Well Kid C is probably doing crazy stuff in her room, but she'd been punchy since about 10am, so she had a "nap" comin'.

-I'm totally bummed that I finally had enough $ to print out my blog with Blurb's blog to book feature, only to find out their program still has bugs and that I should try again using it in a few months. Gah. Since I'm a bloggin' fool it's gonna be expensive due to the number of pages. I expect multiple volumes...

-We went to the San Francisco Zoo yesterday-- the zoo infamous for the tiger mauling two years ago.
The tigers are now plexiglassed in, but I kept hoping to see a sign somewhere that read "don't taunt the animals...OR ELSE!"
And how crazy is this: Our neighbors that live directly behind us pulled up one parking spot away from us at the exact same time outside the zoo!! What are the odds?!

They said that they have a family membership so they were trying to use it up before it expired, and that motivated me to buy a membership for us.
It wasn't until I waited in line for 15 minutes that I found they had raised the rate from what neighbor-lady told me, but whatever, I bought it anyway. So now we can go all the time. Hurrah.

-Despite an hour of cleaning in the kitchen today, it still looks disastrous. And there's no milk or meat, or anything. And now that I'm sick, I am totally not taking the tantrum twins to the store today. We will live on what's left.
Be it lentils, or fruit cocktail, we will survive until I feel better.

-The Christmas decorations are down, and although it was slightly depressing, it feels much more relaxing in this house now.

-The dogs have been naked since the day after Christmas. They had their holiday collars on, and then when I took them off, the old ones were so grubby that I couldn't put them back on. I guess I'll have to find them some new collars before I leave. I hope they don't wander off before then.

-We've been watching Heroes on NetFlix for the last week or so and it's kind of addicting. It's like 24, because of it's inane dialog and often silly plot twists, but I find myself wanting to stay up all night to watch episode after episode.

Hiro, you're my favorite.

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ro said...

thank you. after reading that I feel oddly in tune with you.