Thursday, December 28, 2006

Not without a fight

Thank heavens for this article!
(all credit goes to Jenna for finding it)

Parents tell me that if you have a girl you can't avoid the princess obsession-- that it's some law of nature that if you have a little girl in the U.S., and you don't lock her in a box, she will want to consume everything that is princess related.
I say I will fight it!

This goes for the little boy train obession too.
I know there are doubters reading this.

And to you I say, "watch me!"

My strategy? Substitution! Elmo, Dora, Batman- I don't care, just as long as it's not princesses or trains. (Although in all fairness, trains are less socially offensive, but equally expensive as a habit.)

If that fails, I'll resort to disparagement. I will.
If I'm pushed, I'll lay judgement and say "Princesses are ignorant and can't get a real job. People don't love them for what's on the inside, they love them because they are pretty and have money. Princesses are stupid, He-Man is better."


Sam said...

Dude...She-Ra rules too! And I say DORA ROCKS! Bi-lingual entertainment...and there's an episode all about a lost penguin!

Leigh said...

are you kidding me? You'd pick ELMO over trains? Elmo is one sick puppy - he's just plain creepy sometimes. Trains are constructive, require imagination, are fun and don't have to play into some company's mass character licensing scheme.