Thursday, April 03, 2008

ain't workin for Blockbuster's farm no mo'

I finally switched over to NetFlix, and I love it already.
I love mail, and I love off-beat movies.
It's so nice to go to choose a movie and I don't get assaulted by all the dumbest "unrated" or "uncut" boobs and gore movies.
Just my pleasant independents and documentaries, ahh.
It only took me 8 years to catch on.


sister celtic said...

Oh My gosh Charlie awesome please ask us what we have seen lately , I've been hopeing someone with the same taste for the off the wall would join us on our venture. So please ask! We just watched My Name is Nobody Terrence Hill Foreign...We are even watching silent movies that you would dig with the art. How can we talk about the movies this is fun fun.. We are going to get My name is Trinty same w/ Terrence Hill I'll post some of the pics today on my blog..We have seen some really weird movies and if you have any to suggest for us well do it..

Lacy said...

I have just started getting workout videos from them, too! I just tried Yoga Booty Ballet, and it rocks! :D