Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Baby Tuesday

Last thursday was take your kids to work day at eBay.
They pulled out all the stops, all the kids got name badges with their photos that looked just like the real ones.

He already looks like he's tired of working. I would be too.

Cardboard aquired. Commence munching.

They lasted about 2 hours, which included alot of feeding the fish in the koi pond.
I'm sure the fish have doubled in size since my kids left.

(This Kevin's boss's cubicle. He worked from home in fear of sticky little hands)

******Click here for the plethora of potty party photos.*******

Yes, there are 72 photos, so I had to upload them to Flickr, because there were SO many.
Bottom line, she likes the potty more now, but she is definitely not potty trained.

But I'm not going back.

We are on Pull Ups and real underwear exclusively. It's maddening but I'm just gonna bite down and do it.

Most of the day on Saturday was really stressful, it was like acting a part for 8 hours. But it was fun when our friends whose children are her friends came over as the finale. Thanks everyone for coming! And happy birthday to Baby A, who we had cupcakes for (see pics).


Lacy requested potty party details, okay generally it goes like this:
When they wake up, you have the house decorated (and pee-proofed) and a present for them in the bathroom, which is a babydoll that drinks and wets.
And the goal of the morning is for the toddler to teach the baby how to use the potty (complete with sticker chart for babydoll and treats).
Then after naptime, you excitedly tell them there's another present for them in the bathroom, which is a bunch brand new of big girl undies (which included
Charlie and Lola underwear that I had to buy direct from England). And then they are supposed to then be excited to use the potty.
But she wasn't so much.
She wanted to keep pretending with the babydoll. :/
But she's more interested in it now, and whether *that* is worth all the $$ I spent on her mental conditioning day, I'm not sure.
I will say that this Bear Potty DVD was a big hit and helpful.
It felt like a game of who's on first when Baby C kept asking what Bear's name was. And I told her it was "Bear" and she said "but what's bear's name?" about 7 times.


Lacy said...

I totally want to know more about the potty party. How does that even work?

pkillur said...

If I weren't afraid of damaging my kids (I guess kid, at this point since one is already potty trained) I would buy the Shimanjiro DVD's. But singing poop just reminds me too much of Southpark...

IF you're bold and curious:

Laura said...

oh my gosh. you have scarred me for future potty training. i, too, have a very stubborn child. gah! i'm nervous now. :(

ro said...

The videos are great. Your kiddos are growing up so fast :) Mom is going to have a ball there in July. I wish C and Scout could play together every day. You have a rockin' backyard for fun-fun-fun. And, the kids at kevin's work were pretty darn cute.