Thursday, April 17, 2008

this morning's task

A little bird named told me that an old friend of mine and Kevin's needed graphics for her "City Serve" ministries in Fremont.
I got on the stick! Because Christine's like family. She was there when Kevin and I met.
I preface by saying the basic background image came from istockphoto.
istock is like my 7-11.

It's part of the "compassion network." Do you see how it all works? It totally does.

Basic logo.

her business card

Hey I recognize that website design!
Oh yeah, I pulled it out of the political trashcan and cleaned it off.

I hope they use it!


Gibbytron said...

ooooh, me likee. if Christine doesn't use it, I'll hunt her down for you. I'm serious.

Charlie said...

oh good, you do that. I've been checking my inbox for replies like crazy this afternoon, and I haven't got a response yet.

sister celtic said...

Oh Charlie that is really really good I approve of that message giggle!

sister celtic said...

Opps meant to say from one artisto to another... God has blessed you with total talent dear sis.....neice! I'm so proud of ya...What cracks me up is nephew Peter Carpenter he does the UPS Whiteboard commericial... not the guy but his hands as they needed an artist and an actor so they took their roles , those are Peters hands giggle but attached to an actor..

Trina Merry said...

I really hope they use it. I mean SUPER hope. Cuz that would feel like happy redemption. Not to mention a big "I FRICKIN TOLD YOU SO!"