Friday, April 25, 2008

so why does my blog still look old?

Here are two possible designs for a new group-blog I've been invited to participate in.

Who likes which design better?!
Who likes my clever blog name?!
Comment away!

(yes, the tagline is painfully cheezy, but I just threw it up there as a placeholder, same with the links)


Mama Bree said...

hmm, I think I like the blue one better -- esp. the little globe looking icon with MOTV on it (makes me think of MTV??)

Lacy said...

I like the blue one.

And now I feel totally inadequate — I updated the layout of Unfinished Mind and it's nowhere as cool as even your old one. ;)

Devon said...

they're both the brown and green best. you could always add some robin's egg blue elements details to it. the font is lovely too.