Friday, April 11, 2008


Last year I heard about a summer 08 mission trip to Haiti.

And then I forgot about it.

Then on Sunday I saw the flyer!

It's ON!!

June 29th - July 8th.
I could be doing any of these things:
Vacation bible school, puppet ministry for kids,
painting, garden work in those that can’t do it, building an underground cistern,Clothing distributions, clinics, food distribution, homeschooling, conversational English, playground ministry with the kids, data entry.
I'll be packin' my bags so darn tight with stuff and I hope to come home with only a dress and some flip flops.

And hooray for GiGi agreeing to come out to watch our precious babies while we're gone!

Now all I have to do is turn in my/our application[s] and deposits. Get my name changed on my passport and send out letters!
Oh and make a week's worth of casseroles to freeze for my mom. :)

I wonder if the anyone would notice if I brought one of these little boys home as a carry-on?



ro said...

Wow. Get going. I'm glad to find out you've got mom hoppin' planes via your blog. I live 2 minutes from her and I'm the last to know. I'm smiling at mom wrastling your ankle-biters and at you trying to take a Haitian orphan home with you. I wish I could go with you.

Jeremy and Kamie said...

You amaze me! You are so generous and have such a good heart.

Maybe GiGi can do potty training bootcamp while you are gone? HA!

Anonymous said...

Forget the casseroles, just start getting those donations rolling in!! It takes a village to get anything going these days doesn't it?? See you guys soon!! Mom

Trina Merry said...

I vote underground cistern... think we can do it in 9 days?