Monday, April 21, 2008

Baby Tuesday

It's early. It's Monday, I know.

We couldn't get enough of the Baby E and Baby R2. We formed an attack on a pregnant couple of friends of ours. Baby R *might* have broke a speaker and definitely smooshed chips and other food bits into the carpet. They were very gracious to have us over, and Josh and Anne if you're reading this, I'm sorry for any other damage they did.
Baby R and Baby RII are painfully cute together, because they are only two weeks apart in age, both blonde and sweet-natured.

Oh and Jon was there too. He's on film only because he wasn't helping cook anything.
His wife, not pictured, was workin' her butt off, off camera.
I didn't help much either. But I'd like to think that more things would have been broken without my "supervision."

Hey hey, the pool works great. Thanks neighbors!

Was that overdoing it on the pool photos?

And a HUGE thanks to Auntie Dianne who sent a ginormous care package to us.
We opened it right on the front porch.
Baby C's favorite item was the umbrella, by far!
(You can't really tell, but she's holding it in the photo.)
I also have used many of the cosmetic items enclosed.
I'm pretty sure that 50% of my cosmetics in my life have come from Dianne.
I don't know what I'm going to do if she ever cuts me off. Be ugly and less kempt, I guess.
I've learned from her products that although glycolic acid sounds like some sort of biohazard, it isn't, and my skin appreciates it.
Anyway, it was perfect timing, because Baby C was sick and mopey and pouty and cranky and the package perked her right up.


Anonymous said...

So glad you like it! I thought for sure her favorite would be the "lite-up" sandals!

Love you... and your beautiful little ones!! Baby C is a mini-Charlie!


sister celtic said...

I love the look of the little man baby R looking at Jon or whomever eating chips and dip...Thats what the "men's" do at any party. Very cute!

ro said...

I love baby tuesday and my niece and nephew.