Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Baby Tuesday

"Won't you take me to toddler town? Won't you take me to-- toddler town?!"

(look at Mojito the fecaphiliac searching the potty for goods! Sorry, Momo, I wish there was!)
It's "Pile Week" in Sockswithsandalsland, and everyone's throwing out their crap.
Our excellent neighbors behind us have 4 kids, the youngest is now 7, so they were going to throw away all their Little Tykes outdoor plastic-y stuff unless we wanted it.

Oh yes, we wanted it.

Now I think we rival most day care centers. If you can't tell from the photo, I'll break it down for you:
Big blue pool
2 playhouses
picnic table
see saw
fort with slides

(We already had the fort and the brown house.)

I keep it sequestered all to one side of the yard so I don't feel like a total cuckoo parent-- letting my kids takeover the yard. The other side is very dignified albeit overgrown with crabgrass.

I had to scrub off all the snail poop and dead bugs in their final resting webs. Totally gross. But now they are suitable for toddler consumption. Baby R sat at that picnic table and ate a whole piece of pizza yesterday for lunch by himself. Totally unprecedented performance from the butterball. I think I'll feed him out there more often.

I was at my wits end last week at about 5:30pm and I decided to blow up the frog pool int he living room and fill it with plastic balls.

It worked for about 45 min.

In statistical news, Baby R can now say "doggie" which he also applies to the cat, "daddy," "[ba]nana" for food, and appropriately "mom" for milk. He does say "mama" but it means less "mommy" and more "hey lady-that-does-stuff, do this!"


Mama Bree said...

Holy cow Batman that is a lot of baby stuff!! Some day, our backyard will look the same I am sure. *sigh*

ro said...

That's so awesome you've collected all that baby equipment for the backyard. Scout would love to visit test everything out with her super fun cousins. I think it is cool your yard has been attacked. It isn't like previously you had some serious adult theme going on or something. C looks so grown up in the frog! I wish we lived closer.

Devon said...


Anonymous said...

Can you say MAJOR SCORE??? Good work Charlie. I knew my cheap ways would rub off on you! That looks like imagination play station to me and Cricket can invite her "friends" to come visit her in the cabin or fort. I'll just put the little rascals out back when I come or maybe "inside" swimming" Mom

Jeremy and Kamie said...

That is what I love about the Blaylock women - thrifty and resourceful! Good score!

Leigh said...

That slide will last f-o-r-e-v-e-r!
My kids have grown out of that sort of play equipment, but the slide lingers. Why? Because it's perfect size for all sorts of things...can't reach the lowest branch of the tree? climb the slide and wah-lah! You're in the tree now!