Tuesday, April 08, 2008

this exactly the kind of fix I get myself in

The same small voice in me that told me to learn Japanese, buy a mouth harp, practice Jujitsu, and try silkscreening, is speaking again.
It's telling me to crochet.
I've tried to stuff a sock in its mouth for about a year.

But ever since I signed myself up to make the Living Center's 2008 Christmas gifts the most fabulous ever, I've known that crocheting was inevitable.

Acutally, I want to convince other people to crochet too, seeing that we need 100 blankets.

Okay, we don't need blankets. But we need something handmade.
Something handmade that makes you feel better when you're sick and miserable.
If I felt like I couldn't scrape myself off the floor, I would want a blanket [made by someone who cared about me].

I want to try to convince my mom-group (pop. apx 100) at church to do it. And I know this sounds unbelievable, but I think God wants me to ask them. I'm not quite sure if He's going to tell them to agree, but I'm pretty sure He wants me to ask. I have another 2 weeks to feel squidgy about it before we meet again.

Until then I keep navigating to this page.
And looking at this

and multiplying 4.5 times 100.


Laura said...

you are so funny.

you could do it...it's not too hard. well, 100 would be difficult for one person. :)

Kristianna said...

I crochet. It sounds like a lovely idea--I can make one, I am sure. Who knows, depending on if it truly is a 4-5 hr blanket, maybe more.

Jeremy and Kamie said...

I have a blanket that was given to me for the baby but it is pink. I could send it down? I crocheted pot holders for Ro one year - they were the Texas flag...pretty cheesy but it was the thought that counted!

Charlie said...

Hey send that pink blankie to the littlest Everett to be!

ro said...

Yes, kamie, when i use those pot holders, I think of you. hee.

Charlie-there is a crochet group here at RHS...now it is all old ladies (secretaries,etc), but rock it. They go into the prego-girls class and show them how to crochet. I've hear the young moms-to-be can really crochet well. So, use that story in some way to inspire your mom group. Good luck.