Monday, April 07, 2008

the date has been set

I marked it on the calendar, so I will start believing it.
The Potty Party is set for Saturday April 26th.
I have chosen the "Splish Splash Beach Party" theme from page 161.
It involves alot of decorated cardboard, ping pong balls and beverages.
If my mom reads this, she will be shaking her head.

But Baby C is an oak of diaper fortitude.
She wets her pants in public without shame.
She gets leprosy-like diaper rashes.
She can fully articulate "Mommy you need to change my diaper"
She knows she can't go to school if she wears diapers.
And still she goes on...but doesn't go on the potty.

So she watched me write it on our kitchen calendar and I've already started to hype it up.

I think what the book doesn't include is alot of prayer is needed.
I feel it's going to take a miracle....(and apparently some cardboard seagulls).


Jenn said...

Oh wow, I can't wait! Who's invited? SO wish I could be there. We'll need all kinds of photos and fun stories of potty party success. I'll have to include all the fun in the next lecture I give on potty training.

Anonymous said...

Hey, whatever it takes!!! You just wanted an excuse to make a "potty cake!" Be consistent and I know you will be sucessful. Keep me posted!! Mom