Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Am I ready?

UPDATE: In addition to the funds received on this sidebar--->
we have had $ sent by mail, and my painting sold for $1,000.00!, so the actual total right now is:$2685.97. I think I should receive one more check in the mail for 400.00, so that would take us to our goal of 3000.00!

Aurora asked me if I was ready for Haiti, since it's less than two weeks away until we leave.
And instead of directly emailing her back, I'm blogging.
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Well, I am ready, and I'm not ready.

I have the mindset, I'm ready to go do something dynamic and difference making.

But logistically, I'm kinda all over the place:

1. I haven't sorted out what stuff I'm bringing to donate to the village and what supplies I need for the arts and crafts I'm supposed to be in charge of. We have a maximum weight limit of 38 lbs of luggage for 10 days, that includes supplies and power bars, etc. You can see how it gets complicated.
I did go out and buy the trusty long cotton mission skirts from Goodwill. If you're not familiar with the concept, on like 90% of all mission trips, all women must wear long skirts and sleeves of some sort. It's kind of annoying, but the idea is to match the Christians of that culture/country. And usually the local Christians dress super conservatively. I bought an extra frumpy dress to wear to church in Haiti.

2. I want to find someone to watch our dogs while we're gone. Poor Gwynnie's gonna have enough to deal with with my little powder kegs, I don't want her to have to worry about walking them, and making sure that Frankie the Sprinkler isn't peeing in protest to our absence. I thought I knew some friends to take them, but they're going out of town. Arg.
UPDATE: Mark (without consulting Lisa) agreed to watch our four-legged-babies while we're gone. Whew!

3. I have to make a "how to" manual for everything in our house, like our oven, our TV, our computers. And I still wanna make 5 casseroles to freeze.

4. Our dishwasher is broken. Gotta get that fixed before Mom comes.

5. Franklin needs to go to the vet. He's got sinus problems. (I wish I could neti pot him!)

6. We need to go to the travel clinic and get our malaria pills, etc.

I regret that I couldn't buy all the stuff I wanted to buy to take with me, like a poloroid camera, astronaut food, new crocs, sweatable bra. But what I have I'm sure will suffice and will force me to get creative, which usually works out for the best.


Joanne said...

here's some insight: art supplies don't need to be packed in your luggage those can go in team luggage. So that leaves you with a few more pounds for powerbars.
I'll be packing the team luggage next week around Thursday if you want to drop that stuff off by then.

ro said...

Thank you for your prompt reply to my email. I enjoy our public dialogue. have a lot to do. Good luck!! Mom is going to have a blast there with those munchkins of yours while you are out witnessing to the voo-doo people.

Devon said...

AND you brought us dinner! girl, what are you, superhuman?? you're a wonderful person - thanks for your big heart. so glad you're going to haiti :o)