Thursday, June 12, 2008

hey look what I did

And here's another late night creation.

Guess when I promised the customer I'd have it to him?
Tomorrow morning.

Yeah, that's how I roll.

I filmed me painting it and peeling back the white parts (finally!).

But I have to edit it down, since it took me like 2 hours to paint n' peel.

I'll post it when it's snipped and little.


ro said...

that's really great. i like you you procrasinate, but how else can you get anything done unless the little ones are asleep?

sister celtic said...

What would something like that cost? It's can e-mail me if you get a chance..

Charlie said...

Well the other two that are nearly identical to it, sold for $600 and $1000. I'm not exactly sure what this guy who's buying this one will pay, but whatever the price, it's going towards our Haiti trip.

Charlie said...

(the other paintings' $$$ went to Nepal)

Jeremy and Kamie said...

Charlie, you are so talented!

sister celtic said...

Great Gig Charlie.... Blessings to you ten fold..