Thursday, June 05, 2008

last minute do-over

Do I feel like painting?

Absolutely not.

But do I ever really feel like painting?


But we need money for Haiti, so I'm planning on painting this tonight to auction tomorrow night:

Yes, I'm shamelessly pandering to the mountain bike people at our church, hoping that will lure them in.

I had previously started this painting, when I decided that I didn't like it and it felt like an uphill creation.

I'm shooting for $100 auction price, which in a somewhat depressing way, will be split 20 ways, which will bring us $10 towards our trip.

With that said, if anyone is interested in buying it, that won't be at the fundraising event on Friday, I can easily paint another one, and you can pay me directly.


ro said...

so, did it go well?

Charlie said...

Yeah, but not as well as it would have if we had let the auction continue until weekend church services.
Good ol' Joe Chui won it for $110.