Monday, June 23, 2008

look out! 'hairbrain's in charge!

Behold, Kevin and I are in charge of the "Arts and Crafts" for the local kids when we're in Haiti.

I normally don't jump at the chance to be in charge of something.

I can lead but I don't get all excited about it,
and later I come up with a long list of stuff I screwed up and am embarrassed about.

But here we go, I'm at the helm.

So the stats are,
3 sites
2 sessions at each site
100 kids at each site.

We have a budget, but all of you were so generous to give to our trip, that I can go over the suggested budget and do really good crafts.

My idea: tie-dying.

Yes, it's messy, and slightly expensive. But it's really fun, and they can really use the end product. I never saw tissue-paper-flowers included on that basic need list..."food, water, shelter, paper flowers...:

This undertaking means I need to find 300 boys A-shirts a.k.a. wife-beaters, by Thursday. And they need to not weigh too much so we don't down the plane with them.

I have this quiet fear that half the kids will show up already wearing tye die and they will know more about than me.

We're also planning on doing the good ol' standard pony bead bracelet. If you've ever gone to a Christian summer camp, you know what I'm talkin' about.

And Kevin will be teaching origami. I will just be handing out the paper there, because it makes my head hurt.

And finally, I'll be facilitating a bracelet-making craft for women at 4am on one of the days we're there. (Because at 4am, it's not hot, and it's before they have to go to work)

Hopefully all of this will get me out of having to swing a pick axe. :)

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ro said...

Yes to tie-dye! Great idea. Everyone always loves the tie-dyed shirt when they are done. Bravo. It will go well. Just stay flexible and all will be bueno. They will be happy to have you there doing your arts and crafts.