Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Baby Tuesday

UPDATE: We just took two tired cranky babies to a lawyer's office, a Saratoga lawyer no less. I'm pretty sure I just lost a year off of my life. Crying! Sweaty dirty kids! So embarrassing!

Good morning.
How are you?
I'm fine, but I could use a Tylenol or two...

This was the first book I ever bought for Baby C.
It was an impulse buy at the Michael's checkout lane.
It remains one of their favorite books.

Baby R chewed up an entire purple crayon that he stole out of Baby C's Hello Kitty crayon box. He was marching around the house with a full mouth, and upon inspection I found it was full of waxy purple goo.
Even after brushing his teeth, there was still alot of crayon stuck in there.
Another funny note, I had freshly washed Baby C's blankie, and only moments later did Baby R chomp down on it (during his march), leaving a big purple "O".

Our Haiti team all got matching hats. As non-hat wearer married to another non-hat wearer, we were pessimistic about having to wear the hats last Friday for our Comedy Fundraiser. But, they ended up looking pretty good on both of us. (Despite the fact that Kevin's was a woman's hat). Baby C likes to wear mine now.

Oh and yes I ct her hair, even though I told myself I'd let it grow. But she refused to let me brush it and the "chirpy bird's nest" kept getting bigger and uglier. So on Sautrday night I threatened to cut her hair if she didn't let me brush it. And she replied 'YEAH! Cut my hair! Let's cut it, Mommy! Let's cut my hair!"
So I did. And like always, she won't keep till, so it's totally uneven.
But she's two, so who cares?

This is the only photo I could get of the little dwarf that somewhat showcased his big head wound. We were walking just normally in the park, there was a itty bitty incline and Baby R just fell over on his head.
In the rocks and mud.
It looks ugly.
And then to make it worse, his sister grabbed a toy out of his hands Sunday night and pulled him over onto the concrete, right on his head in the same spot.
But it was nothing a cheeto couldn't fix.


ro said...

Scott came across your wedding reception video with pics of you two as kids. So, we watched it. It was fun to see, and I noticed Kevin had blonde hair as a baby, so maybe that is what is going down with Ransom.

Mom/GiGi said...

At least he ate a "Purple" crayon! You go Ransom.