Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Baby Tuesday

Last Baby Tuesday before Kevin and I get on big-jet-airliner(...and then an itty bitty rubberband powered powered plane.)
I'll be honest, our mortality is weighing heavy on me. I'm going to do everything in my power not to get in harms way, but prayer everyday we're there is much appreciated. I want to come home to my babies.

We took a trip to Joe's house while Kevin was gone [for 10 days!]
Here we found that the Scooby playing cards he had, stuck to the kids' heads.

We also found that Joe owns the Care Bear movie. On DVD no less.
I think they pulled all 300 of his movies off the shelf and then did little jigs on the pile.
Look out bachelor pad! My kids are here!

Secret shots from before this morning's ballet class...

Her "classmate" was squeeeeeeling with joy.

She totally has the best tutu in the class.

I think she's stretching. 'Wouldn't want to pull a groin in "tiny tots ballet."
'Might put you out for the season.

Weekly Starbucks treatie. Today it's vanilla milk and strawberry coffee cake.
I love this skeptical look. Very pensive about what I might be doing taking her photo at Starbucks.

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ro said...

We are raising Starbucks children. Scout is all for those boxed organic milks they have and mommy enjoys the rest of the inventory. In fact, C and I both had the same strawberry cake (i ate that today!). I bet those 10 days without Kevin were really long.