Wednesday, June 18, 2008

her first masterpiece

No seriously.
I can't believe she did this:

The photo doesn't do it justice. It looks better in person.
I hung it in the hallway because I'm so proud.

Sure I'm biased, I'm her mom. But I also have credentials, and this composition has great balance, and use of color, and rhythm.

Here she is at work. It's paired with her still life I call Whimsical Grapefruit.

I really am impressed that all I gave her was a giant piece of paper, a palette of paints and two brushes, left her in the front yard while I mowed, and she came up with an abstract expressionist painting.
She knew when to stop painting and say it was done.


Joe said...

maybe i could get her to paint my house

ro said...

she's a prodigy. i've always said that.