Wednesday, June 18, 2008

and it smells nice too

Would you have guessed this mask would take me four hours to complete?

Yeah, me neither.

It's made completely from eucalyptus leaves and I made it for the local HIV/AIDS fundraising gala, called Unmask the Mysteries.
I don't have the dough to attend the ball,
but apparently I have 4 hours and table full of leaves to contribute.

It was encouraged to somehow represent the organization that the artist represents.
It doesn't really say "Beautiful Day," it more looks like I'm representing "Quietly Underwatered."
I just wanted to make a pretty mask that the type of person that goes to these things might buy and actually hang on their wall and could possibly match their sofa[s].

It's a sofa-art season for me, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Another artist in the family! And I totally agree with you -- it's a fantastic painting certainly worthy of a very nice frame!! And I want the mask! It would go perfectly in my house -- what a wonderful job you did on this!


M.K.A.W. said...


Trina Merry said...

oh cool! I didn't know they dried with those colors! Cool!!!
Yeah, I'll be there tomorrow night. Wanna go?

ro said...

i'm sorry but that mask is creepy. you are talented, but that mask is already giving me nightmares.