Sunday, June 29, 2008

Baby Sunday

I will be far far away on Tuesday, so I'm posting photos early.

I have to make it quick because Baby R has been up for a while and I've been busy scurrying around making sure we have everything we need packed in our bags.

We went to Gilroy Gardens yesterday for a corporate picnic. And to my surprise, I liked it.
We didn't ride the giant garlic ride, but Baby C and Kevin rode the giant strawberry ride.
It had South Bay pride, and it was cute.

Tiny Thayers love carousels.

We were WAY past Baby R's naptime.
So I used alot of ice cream to keep the peace.

After he covered himself in chocolate soft serve, we intentionallywent to the water part of the park and washed him off.

Now, no baby love for the next 10 days. :(

Go to my mission blog for posts while we're there.

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Samantha P.M. said...

Dude, Kevin should totally make some circus trees for your yards! Have a great time in Haiti!! I will make the drive for nacho fries when you get back!