Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Baby Tuesday

Baby C had her first ballet class this morning! She was over the top with excitement. More than Christmas. She even insisted that I carry her to and from the car so she wouldn't get her ballet slippers dirty. A big thanks to Grandma for making her tutu and taking her, while I was at the pedi's with Baby R. And thanks again to Auntie Dianne who bought her leotard and slippers. She looked like a [tiny] pro.

UPDATE: When I went in this afternoon to wake her up from her nap, she was laying on her bed asleep with her ballet slippers on. (she pulled them back out by herself and put them on.)

"Yes, thank you very much."

Baby R, in the meantime is getting into competitive baby sumo wrestling. The object is to throw your tiny, chubby opponent off the red table.
Obviously Baby R is the victor here.
Loser, not pictured.
His Dr. said that he's ahead of the curve on speech* and has a big head, but not too big. haha. He's a perfect specimen.

*His words include:
Ahviv (Olive, the cat)
DaDa (which can pretty much mean anyone he's happy to see)
MaMa (also means, I want ____ now!)
and possiblly "buh" for bird, but not sure


Mama Bree said...

what a cute tutu!! and glad to hear the dr's appt went well.

I love the pic of the loser, btw ;-)

Anonymous said...

That look on her face says it all! What a beautiful smile! I love her haircut! And the little guy couldn't be more handsome!

Aunt Dianne

ro said...

She celebrates just like you! I've seen that move before.