Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Baby Tuesday

If you were wondering what I did for my birthday, on the actual day/night of it...
We ate a weird cake I made (I think I screwed it up) and for reasons I can't recall my kids weren't wearing clothes. I think Baby R had a diaper on, but the bug was certainly full monty.

Why get cake on your clothes, when you can skip the clothes altogether?

On to the zoo visit (numero dos)..

These boys holding hands is the equivalent of two guys going to the movie together.
They're happy to be together, but they don't look like it.
Baby CB is Baby R's best friend and we all went to the zoo last thursday.

Yes, we got to the petting part of the zoo before it shut down this time!
And look, there are tractors to pet too.

Plaid and John Deere green, like peas and carrots.

I'm not sure if we was trying to be funny, but he kept sitting on the tractor backwards and cracking himself up.

Lately Baby R throws a full-out-tantrum when I change his diaper or clothes.
It's insane.
He just wants to be naked.
But that cowboys jersey, he likes enough that he won't try to tear it off himself.
Normally on a trip to San Francisco, I wouldn't put a Dallas football shirt on him, but I wanted a peaceful morning so we went with it.

Baby CB knew just what to do on that tractor!

It's like a catalog shot, right? Magazine ad? No?

Goat brushing standoff.

"Why are taking a picture of me brushing a goat?"

BFF goat brushers.

These goats were so stout and cute. Definitely the cutest goats I've ever seen.


He doesn't look away and say "noooo" when he sees the camera.
Cooperative little CB.

I've begun to realize what a sweet little girl Kid C is.
I have taken her to several kid parties and playdates or whatever, and that's where I see how gentle and amicable she is. Her cousin Kid S is even more gregarious, for sure, but I'm proud of how Kid C behaves with other kids (and I really don't think I have anything to do with it, other than genes).

The quarter-fed goat feeder is probably the cause of the chubby cuddly appearance of the goats.
Those goat-kibbles flow like milk and honey.

He looks a little bored here.

And Kid C looks a little Japanese here.

Back at the homestead...

She insisted on wearing her wings to paint. I couldn't fault her for it.

Today we had Baby R(2) and Kid E over to play. I love that they pair up sister with sister and brother with brother.

This is them in action.

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ro said...

So many great pictures. I can't believe I'm so behind looking at this postings biz. Thanks for keeping us updated. Of course, I'm glad the jacket is and the jersey continues to work out.