Friday, January 02, 2009

vacation: day 2

First, can we talk about Cricket peeing and pooping in the potty? I mean, that is like, wow, I don't even know what to say. The breakthrough began before I left town and then Kevin kept the momentum and I am beyond ecstatic. I thought this moment would never come.

Today I got a massage for the low introductory rate of 25 dollars. (it was a new chiro clinic and I don't think I was their target local clientele)

And then after that, I made my annual trip to Sam Moon and got accessories galore! Aurora brought Baby B and my dad came, and I was flattered because they both would rather be other places I'm sure, but I felt the love. Thanks family.

Then Aurora and I went to a tapas restaurant where I ate too many spinach and cheese croquettes. Aye chihuahua.
Then we had some drug addicts ambush us who made up a huge story trying to get money out of us. I admit, they had me going long after Aurora had decided they were crackheads. Thanks to me they got 3 of her dollars. Sorry Aurora, I'm dumb.

And I think I'm gonna buy a real ipod from Aurora's friend for 20 bucks. It's old school, but at least it has a screen...right?

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Joanne said...

Your vacation sounds amazing! then to top it off to hear that Cricket is doing so well at potty training that's just awesome!