Sunday, January 25, 2009

slightly more fun?

They said they were changing the name. Kevin said the last design didn't look "fun."
So I changed the retreat graphics.

I'm not unhappy with them.
I call it scrapbook-meets-60's-girly-surf-movie.

I'm not putting it in the Church Marketing Pool because I'm afraid they'll rip it to shreds.


Anonymous said...

That looks good. I stopped posting stuff there because unless it is really basic and bland, it seems like they will not like what someone posts.

Charlie said...

Well, I posted it on there anyway, because I do it less for what criticism it may bring, and more to add to the idea box for other people. I use it that way. Even sucky designs on there will give me some good ideas.

Trina Merry said...

I think it works-
its very much improved the content (no likey the name)...