Friday, January 30, 2009

Steve Martin Day

Sometimes I have Steve Martin moments. These are times during my child-watching day where everything goes wrong.

i.e., Someone has a diaper on his/her head while someone else is throwing up on the cat, and then the UPS man shows up while the dogs are trying to bite him.

Today is a Steve Martin day. As I said, Baby R won't nap, and Kid C usually has some R-free time with me during the afternoon, but now that that's not happening they are at each others throats all afternoon, and then of course, all over me.

Lots of screaming, lots of spills to be soaked up, lots of high-security timeouts, and above all: complete nonsense.

Today's pinnacle baby-felony (this is what I call serious crimes by children of the household) is:
the demand for a solid hour for "mac n' cheeese" and I told her we were out, and i would have to make it from scratch.

The whole time I'm making it, she's still asking for it. And Baby R is yelling in his room because he's not sleeping during "nap", which is so stressful.

I slave over her lunch, and make a total mess of the kitchen and when I finally set it in front of her she says "I DON'T WANT IT!"




Is she the only one who does this? Good thing I don't spank because I would have spanked her into next week!

I'm waiting for my iPod to sync so we can go in the car and they can listen to their music and be quiet.



Laura $ said...

you are not alone...i think there is a song with this title? anyhow, noel would have done the same exact thing with my homemade mac n' cheese while lennon clung to my leg for dear life, etc. etc. etc. yes, i believe it's very common with the 3 yrs. old set.

Jenni said...

That is so Avery!!! Mainly because she will only eat the fake mac and cheese out of the box. I feel your pain! Now that I am feeling better, lets hang out!

Mom said...

Ok younger parents, heres how we did it "old school".Kids wants M&C.Moms says we are out of M&C. Kids keeps asking. We would then offer something that was already made/there if kid "really" hungry.They will probably decline any offers.When whining starts parents let kid know that fine, if they want to whine/cry go do it in your room or somewhere where you don't have to listen to it. They usually march off somewhere, pout a while and then get with the program. You are moms, not cafeteria personell. Don't let the 3'rs wear you down-Use your oven mitts wisely. P.S. Keep up the good work!!