Friday, January 23, 2009

it's been years

I put off drawing and painting unless it is absolutely necessary.
Tonight was the first time in many years that I actually just sat down with a pen and did drawings.
And only because I was asked to.
And because I got paid to do it.
I think that's why I can't respond without stuttering "I'm an artist" when people ask me what I do.
They're no masterpieces. They are supposed to look like the Twitter video illustrations, so I kinda went that direction, and they are also supposed to explain why churches should host Easter Egg hunts.
These are the scanned pages before I cut them out like little paper dolls to be filmed by somebody else.

Can you see the self portrait on there?
The others are (from left to right) live-at-home-with-parents-guy, disheveled engineer, husband of a friend of friend who's chihuahua's name was Seymour, 80's mall shopper, yours truly, and Lucille Ball.


ro said...

These remind me of when I am teaching and walking around and I see some "emo" or "artsy" kids drawing pictures. Pretty much I just let them do it. I figure they are probably having more fun than listening to me rattle on about dihybrid crosses.

Your drawings are pretty darn good. I couldn't even draw that party hat.

Mom said...

Wow! Those look fantastic. You always did have an eye for detail. Even your "kindergarten" pictures are very "detailed". You are a ray of sunshine wherever you go!!! Hope to see you soon xxx